“Tactical LED Headlight/Tactical T2000”

“Tactical LED Headlight/Tactical T2000″ The 5000 Lumen 3 LED Tactical Headlamp

Their Claim  ‘PRIVATE CITIZENS: You are now authorized to purchase this military-grade tactical headlamp”

From tacticalt2000.com

I bought this item to do a review on, in the hope that I would find a headlamp that I would be able to give a thumbs up to and say I found a Great Deal. With its three points of light and the strobe that would stun as well as blind someone as needed.

Unfortunately, this was not the case at all. This headlamp was a HUGH disappointment to me as well as many others. Allow me to explain. This light came to me with an upgraded battery pack for recharging and longer battery life. I charged it up as it instructed in the owners manual. I then took it to a gathering to the mountain retreat that I am part of. At first, it seemed to be an awesome headlamp. I ran it through all four light cycles, high medium, low and strobe. I set it on high, which has all three lights on. After ten minutes maybe fifteen I noticed a very hot feeling on the back of my head. I removed the light and noticed that the large middle light had burned out and melted the plastic reflector it was mounted in. I also realized the battery pack was extremely hot, it had shorted out and felt like it was ready to burst into flames. I removed the battery pack from it at this point. When I returned home the following week I emailed the company’s customer service department and told them of the events. About forty-eight hours later I received an email from them asking me to call the phone number that was provided by them, so I did. Two weeks later I received the so called replacement. It was a little small headlamp with one small light and it ran off of three triple-A batteries. Oviasly this was not the correct headlamp. So I called the company to explain what they had done after an hour of hold and being sent from one person to the next and not getting anywhere, I decided to hang up and get my bank to demand a refund from them for me. (which I did finally receive)

I also decided to look around online to see what kind of experience others had. Many people had similar experiences with theirs and some even had the battery packs explode on them while charging. I was grateful that I did not have that happen to me while I was wearing it.

So in conclusion, I do not by any way recommend this unit nor any of their products. If they can not send you a proper replacement for the failed one them you can not trust them to stand behind any of their products.

So CUNSUMERE BEWARE> THIS IS MOST DIFFENTETLY A SCAM PRODUCT AS WELL AS A SCAM COMPANY. This is my opinion and many others as well. Below is a picture of the blown out unit.