Welcome to Shadow Hawks Corner

cropped-11429939_1438151423172432_1074796071060359369_n.jpgHi to All and Welcome to my community ,
Shadow Hawks Corner is here to give you the most accurate Prepping help and Prepping News. From how to choose your EDC (everyday carry) to how and why to choose your BoB (Bug out Bag) and how to chose your BoV (Bug out Vehicle) How to decide geographically where and what climate is right for you and your/family needs as well as pros and cons. We will have live shows and pre-recorded shows and short D.Y.I. instructive videos.
So, Welcome and enjoy.
We will also be putting many different prepping items and tools to the test and showing which are truly the best and easy to use and hold up under hardcore use. Just like we would if we had to depend on them like our life and families lives are counting on them. Because one day we just may have to depend on them.


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